Friday, April 29, 2011

Week 11 Weigh In

Alright... so this morning I stepped onto the scale hoping to see a number less than 220. Last week I weighed 220.9 and I really wanted to break the 220's. I stepped on and saw 220.1 and was frustrated. Really scale, you just messing with me now?!! I was just wearing shorts and a tank top, but thought, huh, what the hell and shed my clothes. Stepped on the scale and it read 219.7 I could not be more elated this morning!! :)
I have been officially on my journey since Feb. 21 and since then (11 weeks) I have lost 24.9 pounds. I did do all of my measurements on January 4, and so now I'd like to share my stats since then. Since January 4 I have lost 26.8 pounds. I have gone down from a 40DDD bra size to a 36D. (ya boobs are seriously deflated now..I need a push up bra! I think 36D is still respectable though!)
1" lost from my neck.
6" lost from my waist.
3" lost from my hips.
2" lost from my thighs.
2" lost from my upper arms.
I feel amazing this morning, this smile on my face isn't going anywhere and now I am off to the gym to kick some ass on the treadmill. 25 minute run on tap today and I GOT THIS.

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