Friday, April 15, 2011

Scale Victory

My official "weigh in" isn't until Monday, but I snuck a peak at the scale this morning. How happy was I to see a weight that is 5 lbs less than it was on Monday?!!! VERY HAPPY. That motivates me so much, to see progress. Hit the gym every day this week, re did days 2 &3 of week 4 of Couch to 5k. I feel great. Now tonight is a baseball game with my honey and then tomorrow is a bbq party at our house for our daughter's 15th birthday. I want to stay on track to maintain that 5lb loss through until Monday, or even increase it.
I have been taking a picture with my cell phone of my toes on the scale when I weigh in, and a friend of mine suggested today to put today's picture as my background on my phone for the weekend to help me through the weekend. Everytime I pick up my phone I will see it, and remember what is important. Great idea.
Tonight we have food vouchers that we won with our tickets to the baseball game, good for 1 hotdog, 1 bag of chips and a soda. I am thinking of taking a snack in my purse and forgoing the chips. Eating the hot dog and a diet soda and then having a bottle of water and whatever snack I bring. Ugh, I want peanuts!! How many calories in peanuts??
Tomorrow I bought turkey burgers in addition to the beef burgers. Planning on having one of those, no bun because I want a piece of sharp cheddar! lots of veggies, lots of water. No birthday cake for this girl. The thing that will be tempting and hard will be steering clear of the dips, chips, deviled eggs and salads. Sigh..Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!!
So the question is....are YOU ready for the weekend? What are your plans? How do you plan to stay on track??

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