Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well I was super sore yesterday after hitting the gym hard twice on Friday and I did weights on my upper body, and apparently over did it. It was a blah day and I didn't get much accomplished other than working in the morning. Ate well though, actually under my calories for the day with only 880 consumed.
Today has been a very lazy day, other than folding laundry and going to Costco. I didn't eat lunch but I'm gearing up for a delicious bff, his mom and her boyfriend are coming over tonight for dinner. They have an amazing family recipe for spaghetti sauce and he's making that. I bought whole grain pasta and salad. There are 2 loaves of garlic french bread on my kitchen counter but I will be skipping that. I might treat myself to a glass of wine.
Weigh in is tomorrow!! Couch to 5k Week 4 starts tomorrow. I am excited to kick some butt this week.

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